Grain House aims to please—and does

Grain House hits the sweet spot between ethnic Chinese restaurant and neighborhood Chinese restaurant. Its delicious food has universal appeal. There is even an “American Chinese Food” menu category for the resolutely timid eater. It’s a something-for-everyone kinda place. Every nabe should have one of these.

Suzanne Parker is the TimesLedger’s restaurant critic and author of “Eating Like Queens: A Guide to Ethnic Dining in America’s Melting Pot, Queens, N.Y.”

Alas, No Clams on the Menu at Little Neck’s Grain House

The newest restaurants these days are Chinese; in fact we might call Little Neck the city's sixth Chinatown, except that interspersed among them are Korean, Vietnamese, Salvadoran, and Italian places, so maybe it fails the "Chinatown" designation in terms of density. Among the Chinese restaurants are a Hong Kong noodle shop, a dim sum parlor, a massive Cantonese banquet hall, and Chinese-American carryouts, but the most recent and ambitious so far is Grain House. It appeared a couple of months ago in a space that used to be an Italian establishment called Conti's.

就在学校旁边?活杀麻辣沸腾鱼 绝味香锅肥牛 还送一杯。。。

Little Neck是很多华人都会选择的居住地,附近环境优美,但却没有多少地道中国菜。若不想麻烦开车去法拉盛,就只能随意吃吃美国餐或者美式中餐。但中国人挑剔的中国胃怎能答应呢。尚禾坊请来土生土长的四川师傅,沸腾鱼、川香烤鱼、香锅肥牛、麻辣肥肠。。。。味道还真不错啰。